Who are we? 

RONASA was founded on March 15, 1977 as a hundred percent, Salvadorian company, dedicated to distribution of drugs, supplies and consumer products for human and veterinary use through pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, government agencies, agricultural services, etc., we are the connection channel between producers to users or consumers in the national and Central America.

We have 46 years of experience ensuring the availability of consumer products, thanks to the support of our team of professionals in the administrative, commercial and logistics who devote all their efforts to ensure service excellence.

RONASA focuses on capturing the latest market trends and give your brand an edge in the market.



Provide brand value through a strong distribution chain committing ourselves professionally and effectively in business and administrative management. Be distinguished for trusted providers, health and wellness through our consumer products.


Achieving leadership in the national and international markets, generating high-trust partnerships with our customers and suppliers. Developing, flexible and innovative business, transparent plans, to ensure the best growth of our business and strategic partners.

Our Values

We are distinguished by having a logical attitude in the relationship employee – seller, seller – client and company – employee, serving and striving to live with coherence with the ethical principles of professional, integral and human life.

We are responsible of all day actions for serving you with high efficiency in the shipping of our products and all day activities to offer you a better service.

We establish strategic alliances with our clients and suppliers with commitment of improvement in all the aspects and steps of a successful commercial relation.



RONASA S.A. de C.V. - Distributor

Urbanización Industrial Santa Elena, Calle Siemens, Edificio No. 1, Antiguo Cuscatlán, La Libertad, El Salvador

PBX: (503) 2278 6464 FAX: (503) 2278 1664